Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Things that go bump in the night

A few of the sounds that occasionally wake me up during the night here:

1. A gang of feral cats mating loudly in the street below my open window – sounds hideously painful and even more disturbing is the occasional bark from a dog – hopefully just an observer!

2. The mullah from the local mosque calling people to prayer (there’s a high Muslim population where we live). This happens 4.30 on the dot, every morning – it goes on for about 10 minutes and is a kind of loud, repetitive chanting sing-song.

3. The high-pitched cackle of a gecko or two in my room – so loud for such a small creature

4. Huge wall-shaking claps of thunder as another storm rolls in from sea

5. A power-shower of rain battering down onto the street outside – makes Glasgow rain seem pathetic!

6. Tuk-tuks trundling up and down the lanes and peeping their horns at the little junctions

7. The local vegetable hawker roaming round the streets on a bike, pulling his cart behind him. Hard to describe the sound he makes – closest comparison is an Evening Times seller in Glasgow!

Took a few weeks but 99% of the time I sleep right through all of this now – wonder if I’ll find it too quiet to sleep at home!?

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Ronia said...

Interesting to know.